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Agility Technologies is a leading Salesforce Integrator delivering next-generation customer experience design and business process automation in the cloud. We have extensive experience in Salesforce Technologies with key integration focus using Mulesoft. For almost a decade, Agility’s solutions have been proving that a well thought-out CRM strategy and robust software implementation add up to efficient customer relationship management. To achieve this goal, our team works with you at any stage of the Salesforce implementation, from consulting and configuring the platform to user training.
  • Sales Cloud
  • Service Cloud
  • Community Cloud
  • With other enterprise applications
  • Real time data processing
  • Using Middleware or Connectors
  • System Administration
  • Report & Dashboards Development
  • Security Review

Want to Maximize Your Salesforce Value?

Our Audit offering is targeted to Salesforce customers that have implemented Salesforce and yet to realize the
benefits they are seeking from their investments. Our experts assess your current setup, and through systematic
approach surface issues and gaps, arrive at a set of recommendations to guide the transition.
The recommendations we prepare to fall into one of the following categories -Organizational & Business Model
Change, changes to business process or current systems, additional Salesforce components if required.

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At Agility, technology is seamlessly integrated and core to every aspect of the organization as a means to unlock value and enable quick reactions to business and stakeholder needs. Almost all our implementations are managed virtually,  meeting customer expectations while being cost-effective. We achieve this by maximizing technology usage and incorporating collaborative tools. This implementation approach has been perfected over a decade and is now the “New Normal”.
Our methodology involves well-defined project phases clearly outlining participation from all relevant stakeholders. To facilitate accurate information exchange we use templates from our library to achieve Rapid Virtual Implementation.
“We believe in doing it right the first time.” 


Agility Technologies as the name suggests is an Agile organization which has created a cohesive community with a common culture. Cultural norms are reinforced through positive peer behavior and influence in a high-trust environment. We have creative problem solvers with critical thinking skills who are resilient and battle-tested. Our team members are always invited to share their ideas with the group through Brown bag sessions for peak performance to occur. We believe to minimize risk and succeed in a constantly evolving environment, the best way is to embrace uncertainty and be the quickest and most productive in trying new things.


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