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Maintaining Constant Contact

Remain In Touch With the Research Community

Maintaining Constant Contact

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The Situation

The client had recently transitioned to new CRM and had chosen that opportunity to replace their previous on-premises email marketing tool.

Their previous email marketing tool relied on static list management, regular data hygiene tasks, and no marketing automation. The marketing team was having to consistently request data from a multitude of departments, add additional attributes to the date, and transform the data, and segment the data for import. In addition to the data, the marketing team was unable to manage its assets without additional departmental coordination. The hosting of images, creation of web forms, production of landing pages, and design of those pages were handled with other teams or departments. This would lead to conflicting priorities and increased time frames within the departments.

Another difficulty for the client was the ability to take their lead nurturing past the stage of static communications. With their previous email marketing tool, they gained some necessary insight into the lead engagement but in no way to the level where they could gauge and re-engage effectively with the customer. The client had multiple business lines that could not always be clear to the customer when they first began engaging with the client. As a result, they needed the ability to classify, provide content, reclassify, and possibly remove the lead from a nurture program based on specif engagement or rules. To achieve these goals, the client realized the need for implementing Pardot as their new digital marketing tool. The goal was to decrease the manual processes of data management, increase the quality of engagement with the customers, and correct the classification among business units.

Agility Technologies was brought in as the System Integrator to design their digital marketing application, Pardot, and deepen its integration with Salesforce.

The Solution

Agility carried out the customization and design of the Salesforce (CRM) and Pardot. The DNS records were set up and implemented to increase deliverability and maintain branding guidelines. Additional data points mapped and standardized on the web forms, and in salesforce to decrease the need for manual data imports. The creation of dynamic lists that records were navigated to based on their interest in lines of business and a set of engagement studios to maintain the list segmentation and logical determinations to enhance the data with attributes.

The Results

The successful implementation of this project resulted in increased engagement with prospects, clients (present and past) with lead nurturing campaigns. Also the time spent by the marketing team was significantly reduced with less data entry and processing leading to effective resource utilization.