Reboot Your Work With UiPath RPA

Records Allocation Automation

Reboot Your Work With UiPath RPA

Records Allocation Automation

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The Situation

The current process was a time-consuming, full of repetitive work activities in the digital environment of the organization. Each allocation is subject to a long and time-consuming process (from accepting the source data, validating it in internal systems, checking duplicity of the information, to processing itself – in addition, the data must be continuously updated on the status of the allocation). For this activity, it was for the current employees to work overtime to process these tasks beyond their regular work duties.

Agility and the customer jointly identified several processes that were identified as time-consuming and with a high error rate. During the subsequent analysis, Agility recommended six processes to be automated as the project scope.

The Solution

UiPath was selected as the platform of choice for automation. The project involved understanding the As-Is processes with particular emphasis on time consumed for data exchange. The analysis covered about 24 applications, which were source systems to be linked with two target applications. Task Capture was used to map the work processes that were to be automated, taking screenshots, and gathering data for each step.

Agility developed bots using UiPath Studio to access multiple source systems, connect to system APIs, copy and paste data, extract and process structured and semi-structured contents from documents. UiPath Orchestrator was used to provision, deploy, trigger, monitor, measure, track, and ensure the security of all bots. This was a complex situation that required queues of attended and unattended bots to cater to the sequencing of the data upload in the target systems. UiPath Action Center made it easy to hand off some processes from the bot to the designated users and back again. Some were configured to send email notifications about the successful completion of tasks or errors which required corrective actions, prepare, and print report summary.

The Results

The success of the project is that the customer could process ~ 3.6 M records every month. The six processes automated resulted in 4000 plus hrs saved. Further analysis was being conducted after the Project Go Live to determine the increased productivity, efficiency, and improved audit capability. It is anticipated that the ROI for this project should be achieved within approx.—8 months of project completion.